(1/4) Government of Canada announced today new #COVID19 testing and #quarantine requirements for travellers to Canada, further enhancing the multi-layered strategy to reduce the risk of importation and transmission of the virus. http://ow.ly/iweY50Dmjz8 
(2/4) In the coming weeks, travellers arriving in Canada will be required to take a #COVID19 test on arrival in Canada at their own cost. http://ow.ly/iweY50Dmjz8 
(3/4) Travellers will also be required to reserve a hotel room approved by the Government of Canada for 3 nights at their own cost, while awaiting their test results, before moving on to their approved place of #quarantine. http://ow.ly/iweY50Dmjz8 
(4/4) These new measures are in addition to requiring a negative #COVID19 test result 72-hours prior to boarding a flight to Canada. http://ow.ly/iweY50Dmjz8 
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