$WORLD - http://worldtoken.network 

A simple breakdown on my take on what the project is. $WORLD sets out to be similar to $SPI ( http://Shopping.io ) but with $RFI frictionless yield tokenomics

Presale Link - https://safu.investments/sale/0 

Currently raised 220 / 400 $ETH


Personally, I think this is quite genius. There is a 3% tax on each transactions automatically distributed to the following:

> Holders (later on merchants too)
> Stakers
> Marketing / Dev fund wallet


Some facts about the project:

> KYC'd and Auditted by @SolidityFinance

> 1m token burn on launch

> 3% tax on all transactions

> Frictionless staking

> Dope website / dashboard


Socials sers to do more reading and your own research!

Telegram - http://t.me/worldtokenofficial

Website - http://worldtoken.network 

Dashboard - http://app.worldtoken.network/overview 

Audit and KYC - http://solidity.finance/audits/World/ 

I've aped in 4 $ETH to the presale so we can all send it now. Thx fren

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