Bill Ackman: The worst short of them all.

Feb 2020: Pershing Square bought $27m to hedge a potential market decline due to COVID.

March 18, 2020: Ackman goes on CNBC (NO DISCLOSURE OF HIS SHORT POSITION) and starts crying that the American economy is done and hell is coming.
Turns out that Ackman was actively buying discounted equity stakes in the very companies he was warning could fail.

His interview triggered circuit breakers and the Dow fell more than 2,000 points .
Ackman said afterwards that he was trying to warn President Trump about the dangers of the virus, while he could’ve easily done it through a direct contact with the White House.

Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.
Last things last, Ackman is a huge admirer of Andrew Left from @CitronResearch, the same short-seller that caused all this GameStop $GME drama.
So from the bottom of my heart, FUCK YOU @BillAckman .

You spread fear and uncertainty in the market, causing a lot of people to panic sell and lose their life savings and hard-earned money, while on the other hand you made $$ billions.
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