NEW: The number of first #COVID19 jabs a day has continued to rise from the weekend.

It's up 315.9% since Sunday - with 26,182 having one compared to 6,295.

#Wales remains on target to give a first vaccine out to the top 4 priority groups by mid-February.
378,097 of the top 4 priority groups in #Wales still need a first jab vs #COVID19.

That's almost half done! 48.9% of that group has been done.

Wales now need to give a first jab out to 21,005 people a day to hit the target.

We'll hit the target by the 11th/12 Feb at this rate:
That's 100% too. The WG target is still that vague 'offer'. I'm chasing to find what % they think would be a success.

Looking at the crucial over 80s figure.
Today 66.9%
Yesterday 62.1%
Day before 57.1%

It's going up by around 5% a day.

If that continues - it will take 6 days
Care Homes now.

Residents = 73.1% (+1.1%)
4,590 to go by the end of the month.

Workers = 76.8% (+1%)
8,294 people to go.

So all together that's 12,884 people. Wales has the capacity but it's going up v slowly. I want to know what % they hope to reach - after offering 100%.
Here's what the % of top 4 priority groups would look like if today's rate carries on.

Please note the 7-day average of jabs/day is actually now over the target number. The rollout has totally sped up the last week or so.
Also - please note some crucial points here. Snow will affect the rollout on the weekend.

2 more mass vaccination centres are also opening.

A good stat for you, on average, a person received a first dose of #COVID19 vaccine every 4 seconds in the last week.
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