When people say Muslims & Christians are persecuted minorities in India, they are without doubt lying.

Christianity & Islam, by their own religious doctrine stand against & demonize Hinduism & they have global support in their religious war against India’s majority population.
The Muslims of India are the second largest Muslim population in the world, 220M. They would swallow America & turn it into an Islamic state in their numbers & they are backed & financially supported by the entire Islamic Ummah, the worldwide body of over 1.9 billion Muslims.
Christians of India are likewise backed & financially supported by Rome, all western Christian nations & the global body of churches from all denominations. All Christian denominations target India’s Hindu population for conversion. A global body of over 2.3 billion Christians
There are 1.2 billion Hindus globally, almost 900 million in India. They only have India, the seat of Hinduism. No foreign nations are standing in solidarity with them. Foreign nations are doing the opposite, they are pushing propaganda & lies against India & her Hindu majority.
Because Hinduism is demonized by both Christianity & Islam & the world is turning a blind eye to this vile bigotry against our fellow human beings over religion, the Hindus of India stand alone in this global onslaught of hatred & demonization directed at India & their religion.
It’s been a shocking realization that supposed liberal, secular Democracies like the US, UK, Canada, Australia & more have through their media, academia & govts, been openly attacking India with bigoted propaganda against India’s Hindu majority in support of Christianity & Islam.
This is something I expected from the 55+ Islamic nations of the world who declare Islam as a protected state religion. They often openly demonize polytheism (Hinduism) & violently persecute Hindus in many of their nations, with Pakistan leading the way in their hatred of Hindus.
But it’s something else to realize your own country, America, land of the free, through media, academia, & govt, is brazenly attacking India & her Hindu majority with what can only be described as religious derived bigotry & hatred that has absolutely no place in our modern world
I thought we had left the dark ages behind. I thought we’d seen an end to government & state sponsored colonialism driven religious bigotry & hatred against foreign non-Christian nations. Instead it only seems to be getting worse, silently supported by govt, academia & media
With more than 55 Islamic nations declaring Islam a protected state religion & several nations with Christianity a protected state religion, it’s time for India to declare herself a Dharmic Rashtra & protect her family of Dharmic religions; Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism.
And for you, my fellow Americans, hang your heads in shame at the actions of your nation against India & her people.
Feel free to tag who you want in govt or media. Perhaps they’ll see this & common sense will prevail over the religious bigotry we’re seeing propagated in our world. India is seeing the brunt of it as Islam & Christianity specifically target polytheism (Hinduism). It must stop.
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