Local covid grifter Susan Standfield is such a daily fount of misinformation, outright lies and impotent posturing that we wanted to take a look at some of her successful business ventures...
"Standfield said her household income had dropped by 80 per cent since a state of emergency was declared in British Columbia last month to try and curtail the spread of COVID-19 infection." Oh, REALLY. Let's dig a bit. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/covid-19-vancouver-police-escort-small-group-protesting-government-restrictions
Here's Gojigo, a food venture started by Standfield and her husband Robert Spooner in Gibsons, BC. They look so happy!
Here's hubby asking for startup funds but, whoops, what happened? Oh, it must've been the lockdowns that caused the failure of Gojigo.
Except... Gojigo went under IN TWENTY SEVENTEEN.
For a giggle, why not visit Gojigo's website, as listed on their Facebook page (inexplicably, still up)?

Gojigo dot ca.

(We don't want to spoil the fun by adding the link).
Not a business venture, but here's Standfield stumping for herself to run in the last BC election. SPOILER: She didn't even qualify to appear on the ballot.
And then she thought she'd try her hand at designing a "new" political party. Well, not quite new, as Freedom Party of BC existed before and has been dissolved. Ooops! Still waiting on that promised party charter, Sue!
Let's take a little breather from Sue Standfield so we can take a peek at some of her other heroes. First up is lying grifter James O'Keefe.
And then there's diaper boy Charlie Kirk.
How can we omit deranged nutbar John McAfee? Sue sure knows how to pick 'em!
But back to Susan Standfield's business ventures... She claims her family's sole income these days is from Health and Justice TEES (no, we don't know why TEES is capitalized, either.) Her tees make it easier to identify SovCit covidiots and avoid them like the... well, plague.
Occasionally she posts images of her wares which don't require a mirror to read.
TFW it's not enough to be called out as a vile Karen. Healthy self-image and not-at-all-narscissistic, though!
Check out these rave reviews on her Health and Justice tees FB page!
Throwback to that time a fan of SS's posted an altered image on Facebook and Standfield was more upset by the Photoshopping than being called out as a racist.
Reminder: Susan Standfield is VERY CONCERNED about shabby Photoshopping of words on her tees. We mean TEES!
Susan Standfield's *other* "business venture is "designing" branding for Freedom Airways, or FAFTA. Yes, that acronym already belonged to New York's Fair Access to Fertility Freedom Act, BUT DO NOT QUESTION THE BRANDING GENIUS!
FAFTA -- affectionately (and more accurately) called LAFTA by the helpful folks at @HugsMasks -- was created as a travel "service" providing entitled travellers with unencumbered access to sketchy ethnotourism and unmasked, untested and unquarantined travel.
Except... no one at LAFTA can provide precise information as to how they'll circumvent testing, masking and quarantining throughout their trips. No, you need to pay $100USD before they'll even entertain such impertinence!
We know this will come as a complete shock, but the comments above (on the LAFTA website) as well as any questions of a similar nature on the LAFTA Facebook page have... disappeared. Totally legit business, though!
Or... Maybe the reason why Susan Standfield's business (and politics) ventures are less than successful has a simpler explanation.
̶Good luck, F̶A̶F̶T̶A̶ LAFTA! https://twitter.com/CBCToronto/status/1355151472791605249
Susan Standfield's anti-mask LAFTA travel "service" has yet to detail how their members can circumvent masking/testing/quarantining throughout their trips. Nor has LAFTA announced who, exactly, their lEgAl AdViSoRs are.
🤔 https://twitter.com/robferguson1/status/1355199293636935681?s=20
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