Market got you down? Pissed off about the suits having their way with your stonks? Upset at Robinhood for bending the fucking knee?

Look no further, for there is a solution. It's called decentralized finance (or DeFi).

What’s DeFi you say?

1/ Come along 👇👇👇
Listen up, anon

Today, Wall St. decided to shit on you FOR THE LAST TIME. These MBA-having swamp scum think they can just take their fucking ball and go home when retail investors, the guy they’ve been SHITTING on since idk forever, decides to SHIT back
I had SEVERAL existing positions and a litany of after hours orders I was eager to fill. What do I wake up to? A fucking BLACKOUT.
Ya see anon, right now Wall St. holds the keys. And when you come over and take a dump in the main floor bathroom, they take the keys and lock you the fuck out.
That’s why Robinhood, eTrade, TD Ameritrade, and basically everyone is not allowing you to buy the stonks you want ($GME $AMC $NOK …don’t lie)
Enter decentralized finance.

DeFi gives EVERYONE the keys to the castle, essentially giving no one the ability to lock you out. There is no single person, institution or anything that controls the platform. There is only the code and the code is the law.
Within this ecosystem, Mr. Poopy pants Wall St. man has NO control of the market and its participants, especially when he’s a billion fucking miles underwater on his BULLSHIT, never-should-have-been-a-thing 160% float, short position.
DeFi doesn’t just create free and open markets, it prevents ALL the other bullshit

Bottomless money printing? Middleman fees? Halting markets?

This shit DIES with the suits (well unless that’s the consensus, but more on that later)
Instead, DeFi gives you TRANSPARENCY

-Open-source code
-Global transactions
-24 hr markets
-Permissionless integration
-Trustless participation
-Community governance

You still with me, anon?
With DeFi, the community makes the decisions. And if enough people in the community agree on something, it becomes the “consensus”. Gone are the days when a room full of yacht-having scammers can shut down the market because they got a boo-boo.
DeFi has already made huge ripples in A LOT of markets

-Asset issuance and exchange

You thought this was just about cRyPtOcUrReNcY? No no no anon
But Lanbron, how do I participate in this DeFi revolution?

You prepare. Look inward and ask yourself:

“If these suits can fuck me this hard over $GME and $AMC pumps, how hard can they fuck me in my daily transactions, trading, retirement, etc.?”
Spoiler alert: it’s the pounding of your life and you’ve been taking it since you deposited your money with the fucking devil himself, dressed in a Tom Ford suit and Gucci loafers.
What are you doing Mr. Lanbron?

I’m PARTICIPATING in any way that I can. I’m taking a studious look at every financial institution I interact with because in the coming years, I’ll need to replace their service with a decentralized service that serves the same purpose.
This revolution started with the $BTC genesis block and continues today with $BTC $ETH $LINK $DOT $UNI $AAVE $BNB $XMR $DOGE $SNX $DAI $MKR $FIL $IPFS $COMP $SUSHI $SOL $AVAX $YFI $LRC $REN $BAT and more.
But anon, don’t forget, these are not *just* cryptocurrencies. These are real world developers building infrastructure to power the future of finance AND NOT BEING GREEDY FUCK WITS ABOUT IT. They are putting the power back into your hands, don’t squander it.
Settle down anon, this type of paradigm shift from centralized financial institutions will not happen overnight. But make no mistake it will and IS happening. Each passing day we get closer to TAKING BACK our freedom. What are you doing to prepare?
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Remember anon: I am not a financial advisor and nothing you see here should be acted upon without doing your own research.
Join me on the next episode of “Guy talking about things he doesn’t fully understand but feels strongly about in his loins”
P.S. in case I wasn't clear, Wall St. should be loaded onto a Falcon 9 and blasted into the sun

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