Prahlada the Asura was then emperor of all the three worlds, conquered by the power of his integrity.

As it always happens, Indra becomes jealous of Prahlada’s power and feels shaky – there is the threat of losing his throne to someone like the mighty Asura. 1/n
For the throne of Indra belonged to the man who had the highest character, who performed the most difficult austerities.

Indra assumes the form of a Brahmin and goes to Prahlada and serves him as a disciple, with the desire to learn from him the secret of his success. 2/n
Prahlada tells him his success comes from his following the noble teachings of wise men. However, Indra still continues to serve Prahlada and eventually the Asura emperor, pleased with the devotion shown and the service rendered, asks his disciple to ask for a boon, 3/n
not knowing he is Indra. Initially Indra refuses politely, saying that all his desires have been fulfilled.
But when Prahlada insists, he asks: “If you are pleased with me, Emperor, please give me your character, your integrity.” 4/n
Prahlada is shaken by the request, but he grants the boon since he had offered it: after all, that is what a man of integrity does.

Indra accepts the boon and goes away.
Soon Prahlada sees a dazzlingly lustrous being emerging from his body and leaving him. 5/n
When Prahlada asks him who he is, the being tells him that he is Sheela [Integrity], and he is leaving him because Prahlada has given him away. “I shall now happily live,”

Sheela adds, “in the Brahmin to whom you have given me away.” 6/n
Soon Prahlada sees another radiant being emerging from his body.

Asked who he is, the being introduces himself as Dharma: virtue and righteousness.

After Dharma too leaves him, telling him he is going to join Integrity to live in the body of the Brahmin since he, 7/n
Dharma, lives only where Integrity is.

Prahlada then finds another effulgent being emerging from him, this time Satya, Truth, and then another, Vritta, Uprightness, and then yet another Bala, Strength, all leaving him one by one to live in the Brahmin, following Integrity. 8/n
Following Bala, it is a splendorous goddess that emerges from Prahlada’s body and when asked she tells him she is Shree, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and all else that is auspicious. 9/n
Shree tells Prahlada that she had on her own come and begun living in his body, but now she had no choice but to leave him, because she always followed Integrity, Virtue, Truth, Uprightness and Strength. 10/n
She also tells him the Brahmin was none other than Indra, Indra has robbed him of his Integrity and where Integrity is not, there can be no Dharma, no Truth, no Morality, no Strength and no wealth, prosperity or good fortune. 11/n
“dharmah satyam tatha vrttam balam chaiva tathapyahamsheelabhoota mahaprajna sada nastyatra samshayah.” - Mahabharata 12.124.62 12/n
The moral of the story is that if a man without integrity achieves prosperity, it would soon leave him since Shree cannot stay where there is no Integrity. It can also be summed up as:

Sheelam pradhanam purushe.

Integrity is the most important virtue in man. n/n
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