OK, I’m tuned into Facebook earnings. Their fail to stop Apple from protecting users’ privacy from Facebook’s surveillance ad biz will likely be headline. Zuckerberg mostly brushed off elections as addressed elsewhere now moving into full FUD mode. Already sensing not A game... https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1354540633906704389
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is waaaayyy off his game. He’s now so under threat with Apple’s privacy improvements he’s going hard at Apple for antitrust and self-preferencing. It’s so ignorant, arrogant at the same time and awkward it’s not going to play well without a lot of friends.
And now Zucka is leaning into small biz and suggesting restrictions on their surveillance ads is a dream of going back to old school TV ads. He can’t deliver this message. It’s Facebook’s #1 problem. They’re so toxic no one trusts their advocacy points. And he can’t deliver them.
Now back to FUD. Facebook’s virtual tech work apparently has been part of how society is getting through the pandemic. Thank you oculus. Your sister company may likely have been a key role leading up to an insurrection, hate speech, and eroding democracy around the world.
Facebook is “grateful everyone is on the journey with them.”
Part of Facebook’s lobby supposedly had an important meeting with Apple today. I suspect it didn’t go well and the impact is now coming. Maybe they’re rattled as they don’t have as many levers at this point especially with 48 states and FTC suing them. They really seem off game.
Sheryl Sandberg just did her hardest pitch I’ve ever heard her do about helping civil liberties and small biz sharing anecdotal stories during pandemic. Putting it all out there and placing iOS14 privacy improvements as a headwind to all of them. 🤮
Here is a thread from q2 2020 earnings before Apple made their delay on its privacy changes now about to hit Facebook. https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1289016054296064000
Sort of embarrassing zuckerberg just got his first question about antitrust lawsuits. Literally the FTC and 48 states sued his company last month. And then Google is being sued for alleged collusion and bid rigging with Facebook by another ten state AGs. Maybe a question???
Tricky. Question about differentiation of WhatsApp and Zuckerberg starts to lean into relationship with Facebook and identity which is precisely the relationship and data exchange that caused an uproar and regulator inquiries over the past two weeks.
Did I just hear a question about changes to “Section ***220***???” If I heard that correctly I would like to note an analyst charged with asking Facebook questions on behalf of the market just did that.
Sandberg back up gaslighting about small biz impact from Apple privacy changes. Throwing out 60% declines in sales and saying its use of data for ad targeting is privacy safe ignoring Apple change is instead about Facebook’s tracking of users across other companies’ apps.
Now done. They should get scorched. Gaslighting, no vision, weak FUD and generally running out of levers as the world catches up to their general awfulness. Later.
And so has @riptari at @TechCrunch including this news that Apple will limit its own apps no different than rest of ecosystem undermining one of Facebook’s lobby’s big FUD points. https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1354662547270619136
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