We've seen a lot of questions about vaccine allocations and limited vaccination appointments. So how does COVID-19 vaccine get to Clark County?
Each week, the federal government allocates vaccine to Washington state for the following week. The state is then responsible for deciding who will receive the available vaccine.
To help the state make the decision each wk, local health care facilities & pharmacies request the amt of vaccine they would like to receive. The state looks at requests & the amount of vaccine coming from the federal government and decides how to divide up the vaccine.
Clark County Public Health is also able to provide input on which clinics are a priority for receiving vaccine. The requests for vaccine are always greater than the amount of vaccine the state has available.
Local health care facilities and pharmacies typically find out a few days later how much vaccine they can expect (it may be less than what they asked for) or if their order will not be filled at all. Then, a couple of days after that, they receive their vaccine.
Bc facilities don’t know how much vaccine they’re getting, they may not book appts too far in advance. They want to ensure they have vaccine before scheduling an appt. Sometimes, if the expected vaccine order isn’t filled, a facility may have to cancel or reschedule appts
Once the vaccine arrives, facilities get to work administering vaccine! Facilities have a week to get the vaccine in the arms of people who are eligible to be vaccinated.
Limited vaccine supply & the unpredictable nature of shipments make it challenging for facilities to plan and administer vaccine.
But as supply increases and the amount of vaccine being shipped to states (and then distributed to facilities) becomes more predictable, we’ll see vaccine appointments more readily available.
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