Here we go. The machine moves in to choke off the little guy and to protect the whales from losses created by their company-killing shorts.

System is rigged all around.
If this NASDAQ is true it can cause retail investors to dump some shares which will lead to price drops and help the big buys who have shorts all around.

Market manipulation that the SEC should look at, but bigger chance the Feds will choke off the Reddit Brigade. #Investing
GM @adenatfriedman. Please confirm or deny the above news.

If it’s true, please give specifics as to when a stock would face such action. Is it a certain price gain? Is it a certain amount of posts on Reddit

BTW, only Bloomberg/CNBC have the right to cause moves?

Folks, imagine the day when retail investors start taking a liking to shorting stocks as a retaliation for the machine trying to choke off upswing longs.

Big Tech, publicly-traded Hedge Fund and stock platforms like NASDAQ will sustain deep hits.

VIDEO via @SquawkCNBC: @Nasdaq CEO @adenatfriedman is suggesting to @JoeSquawk that regulators need to correct Reddit “manipulation.”

Ah. When Whales shmooze at dinner that a stock is ripe for a short it’s cool, but when average shmucks schmooze of a long it’s “manipulation.”
NEWS: Considering that the NASDAQ CEO wants to choke of upside in stocks and apparently favors instead falling stocks, I am shorting #NDAQ and other big mouth companies that want to manipulate retail investors from long gains.

If Short is the route, count me in!

SHOCKING: @Nasdaq ( #NDAQ) basically manipulated the free flow of stocks by suggesting on @JoeSquawk that her company will unitarily halt stocks if there Social Media Chatter isn’t to her liking.

SEC won’t go after @adenatfriedman. They’ll rather move on the Reddit Gang.

What if #NDAQ starts crashing because of shorts and then retail investors laugh around about it on Reddit and it then falls more.

Will @Nasdaq halt its own shares to avoid deeper losses? What kind of manipulation is this?

@andrewrsorkin Can you pls ask NASDAQ about this?
All year in 2020 it was perfectly ok for retail investors to chat on Social Media about stocks; plunge their money into it and help the Hedge Funds ballon their gains. But now that the whales placed shorts, oh no. Cant have the schmucks Raddit about stocks.

cc @mcuban @elonmusk
Got this from a reader. The brokerages are moving on some of the popping stocks. No details as to what the steps are or what is the supposed iron-clad threshold for those moves to be triggered. Maybe it depends what @SquawkCNBC guests whine about. I really don’t know.
In a matter of hours, NASDAQ’s CEO encouraged gov regulation against Reddit surrounding GME; brokerages restricted trades, and some in media package the trades as wrong.

The powers that be want to tank the stock to help the arrogant short sellers.

Manipulation out in the open.
Left: NYT a few hours ago.

Right: My tweet from last night.
The Reddit page where people discussed stocks has been taken down for alleged threats of violence; items that can be found on all Social Media platform and groups in them.

I tought the claim will be market manipulation. But I predicted that Big Tech will move in to choke them.
And... $AMC, $NOK, $EXPR $KOSS etc are dropping like stones following the suspension of the Reddit page.

Lesson for the retail guys: Stock movements are to be done only by appearances on CNBC/Bloomberg; not by you little guys speaking in the open where/what you are buying.

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