Thread on friendship of Ravish kumar & Arnab goswami

Lot no. of Bahujan millennials in their progress in awareness are stuck in this big catch net put up by brahmin media liberals like Ravish, Brakha when they explains in detail what arnab or R$$ wants to do on his own channel
"BJP wants to create some Hindu raj and we should oppose it as country is of all religions". It is not possible for Arnab alone to create this propaganda but when Ravish "explained" to muslim pasmandas and Bahujans by creating an atmosphere of like telling a secret story from
which muslim (pasmandas) starts see in him a savior from some Hindu(brahmin) oppression. But here both Arnab and Ravish have exactly same interests of somehow keeping the caste discourse of proportional representation of bahujans in country's institutions away from mainstream.
Even if you see this in Arnab case very clearly but it is very hard to see this in Ravish Kumar case. As Sir Periyar said they are green snakes on green grass.
Learners will say but Ravish gang also brought unemployment ,corruption etc etc problems on forefront but if this gang is truly in opposition to this so called "Hindutva" , they will not got more no. of advt. on their channel as compared with their other side of arnab gang
So point is , bahujans should stop watching Ravish first before any arnab.
Muslim will always face persecution until they will believe in this brahmin propaganda of "secularism".
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