Before 2015 crypto was fairly zero-sum. Bitcoin and all its forks were competing for money status. Bitcoin won (naturally).

That gave birth to maximalism. It was Bitcoin or die.

Then along came Ethereum - and the big brains could see it was no longer zero-sum.
Ethereum adds to the financialisation of Bitcoin. Maxis can't see that tho.

Ethereum doesn't compete with Bitcoin for monetary status.

It's a decentralized financial compute layer - battle-tested and robust.

Then along came ICOs. And they were fairly zero-sum.
But emerging from that came DeFi.

DeFi is not zero-sum. Different protocols can enhance and amplify each other.

Even competing protocols (Uniswap/Sushiswap) amplify each other.

There's no point to being a protocol-maxi. It makes no sense. Own all the winners.
The future is undoubtedly multichain. You simply can't jam the world's financial infrastructure on a single consensus layer.

There will be financial assets, then sidechains upon sidechains that play on a continuum of trust/censorship-resistance.
These chains need a flexible bridging layer with clear economic assumptions.

THORChain is one solution. @keep_project and @renprotocol are others.

And in the future @sifchain and @Chainflip

But it's not zero-sum.
These protocols will amplify and collaborate.

They all have a single end-game: to suck out the Liquidity from 1of1 & 3of4 multisigs and into DPK/MPC infrastructure.

And that is a noble cause.
So get in, strap on and let's build.

There's no time to be a maxi.
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