For me the essence of fascism is that you believe in:
- Loyalty to your leader/tribe over institutions/truth
- Feelings instead of logic or evidence
- Conspiracies that disadvantage your tribe
- A strong leader needed to thwart these conspiracies
So I think the personality cult surrounding Trump, QAnon, the Big Lie, politicians siding against democracy... it all fits together in this very potent brew that fascism is the best label for that I know. And, like cult members, those affected become increasingly unreachable.
I see the post-truthism on climate change as another indicator: if truth gets in the way of tribe, truth is ignored. Seems like almost half the US is doing this now.

And the problems that humanity is causing are eminently solvable. But not if denied.
What gives me hope is that so far the military is not siding with the fascists and that most of the fascists (including Trump) are relatively old and/or incompetent.

But I find this fascism and post-truthism in the US deeply worrying, and that Biden won will not make it go away.
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