Why we/you will never be a WSB and will forever be a fractured community.

For those who need an introduction:

WSB = Wall Street Bets.

A subreddit for the stock market full of memes, degeneracy and gains. Think of it like the Reddit equivalent to our CT.
The key difference between WSB and CT is in community.

We try to act like there's a community here, but there's not.

Crypto is just one continual boxing match between different areas.

WSB hates one thing: Bears.

Crypto Twitter hates: Everything.
You'll have seen $GME plastered over your timeline recently.

WSB banded around a simple premise, being bullish in a bull market, on anything and everything. Even the most downtrodden and shit on stocks you could imagine.

Cheap stocks, more gains.

Bull market saves all.
In Crypto Twitter you have:

The Religion.

Those who represent their bags like a religion, forcing you to acknowledge their alt as the one true God. You have to join them or else you face their backlash.

Argue against it? Cast away and attacked by an army of other zealots.
The Cash Tag Superstars.

Recognisable by 2017 tickers plastered across their Name, Bio and Twitter Handle.

These guys love their alts and suffer the pain of their underwater positions everyday.

The way they get over that? By attacking you.

The shortest fuse of any type.
The Crypto Sports Fan.

Treats his bags like a sports team. Cheers them on endlessly through any news/updates. Overshares from source accounts to spread the word.

Shits on every other project that isn't their bag because you're a rival and that's what we do in sport.
The Shiller.

Post some engaging and educational material? THE SHILLER DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT. He's here to copy and paste some propaganda from his alt to try and onboard a new wave of unsuspecting noob into thinking it's the next big thing.

Don't even engage with them.
The Maximalist.

Spends their days talking down on every other project that isn't their bag. Historically this has been XRP hodlers, Marines and BTC maxis.

Impossible to win a discussion as everything ends with "Wait and see bro."
Everyone dislikes each other.

Everyone is fighting for space.

XRP hodlers hate LINK Marines who hate BTC Maxis who hate ETH Maxis and so the cycle continues.

Communities right now are isolated within projects, meaning you simply absorb one of the character types above.
I'm not even going to dive into the bull vs bear debate as well, there are literally so many competing and conflicting views, thoughts and discussions.
If Crypto hopes to have a positive, universal community it has to change some of the behaviours that we see demonstrated.

Perhaps the space is too young so the fighting for space matters, perhaps it's too crowded and we need some of the trash removed.
A lot of people view this space as suspicious, untrustworthy and scammy.

It's not hard to see why.

WSB bans crypto discussion for some of the reasons already mentioned here.
To be a better place we have to provide more value, be more open to discussion, provide content and universally share an interest regardless of our own bag intentions.

If crypto thrives, we thrive.
Literally no one in equities spends their day attacking $AAPL holders because they hold $MSFT. How ridiculous does that sound?

But here, it's all a part of the online experience.
I rest my case.
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