Tesla bet everything on an onboard inference processor, but the more important bet on "AI hardware" is the backend learning infrastructure (what Tesla calls "Dojo") that Waymo and other "actual" AV developers have lavished resources on and Tesla is only just getting started on. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1353564655088619520
As for that onboard "AI," @greentheonly's investigations of Tesla's code finds that they still aren't even trying to do prediction... "There's no actual intelligence in the system and I don't see any signs there's a development to add that."
Of course, all this is quite apparent (I won't say obvious) from the videos of "Full Self-Driving" on public roads when compared to videos from Waymo and other AV developers. The evidence of your eyes is enough to see who is a real competitor and who isn't.
Major props to @johnkrafcik and @Waymo for publicly saying the things that people inside the AV developer world have been saying privately for years now. Observe the waves of anger and misinformation they are receiving in response, that's the price of speaking the truth on this.
This kind of intimidation is why the Tesla mythology has dragged on so long. Even when deeply-qualified people have easy-to-grasp arguments to make they know that a flood of fanboys will ignore facts and logic and just attack in ways calculated to damage them professionally.
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