J&J CFO Joe Wolk on #covid19 vaccine supply: "We're very confident and on track to meet all of our commitments."
-100M doses to US by end of June
-200M to EU by end of year, w shipments starting April
-200M to developing countries starting in 2H https://twitter.com/carlquintanilla/status/1354035678988947456
J&J's CFO also points out its phase 3 #covid19 vaccine trial was run on 3 continents including in U.S., South Africa & Brazil, so may include results on different variants.

( @antonioregalado of course already brilliantly illustrated this) (2) https://twitter.com/antonioregalado/status/1353429684701306881?s=20
We asked if J&J would report #covid19 phase 3 results geographically given variants could affect efficacy.

Wolk: "That is a very logical conclusion that you may see geographic differences, if in fact we did capture the newer strains that are out there."

But data will tell. (3)
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