UK data commission testifying to @CommonsDCMS live. Interesting out of the gates. The recent blockbuster GOP-led Senate Intel report 5 stated it was unable to obtain Cambridge Analytica evidence when servers were seized in Facebook matter. Now we find out they never asked? /1
As a reminder, it was reported Senate Intel also agreed to keep Cambridge Analyrica Qs out of hearing with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg when she testified in late 2018. I would bet this was in exchange for Facebook’s cooperation in indictments against IRA - which got us nowhere. /2
Here is the specific language from the Senate Intel Report. It caught a lot of attention in the Fall. It’s quite possible the Senate Intel Committee made the request through the SEC or FTC but that brings concerns since they collectively settled with Facebook for $5+ Billion. /3
Facebook signed a $5Bil deal with FTC which allowed it to avoid depositions of its executives among other things. A SEC settlement avoiding criminal liability. And now we find out why we never heard anything more about Zuckerberg’s core 2018 promise of audits. Private deal. /4
🙋🏽‍♂️ps I think I reached for my coffee here at the exact same moment as the Committee Chair @julianknight15. /5
If you’re wondering which messaging platform is used by arguably the most informed data protection regulator on the planet? /6
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