Watching the slow train crash is fascinating.

So with my tongue slightly in cheek #ifiwastaoiseach đź‘€

- borrow a tonne of money
- prioritise the hiring and resourcing of public health professionals
- carbon dioxide monitors bought in bulk, sent to all schools
- new public information campaign on ventilation + education on aerolised virus
- see if businesses can be helped with filters/CO2 monitors & procure those too
- start the training of teams of more backwards contact tracers as numbers fall
- begin Australian-style measures
- continued distribution of available vaccines as we go
- Australian-style rapid reaction to outbreaks with highly resourced public health teams (will take time to stand up)
- mandatory quarantine
- driver swapping systems and/or other measures for inbound freight
- assume the virus is here to stay and aggressively chase it
- no idea to what degree the North is negotiating but if all else fails introduce foot/mouth outbreak style measures are (major) border crossings.
- focus some capacity on border counties should virus cross borders
* at

Just some ideas mainly copied from other countries with might higher populations (and densities) and have been in control of their numbers for months.

Not everything will work either to start with - but jaysus we'd get spread down something *rapid*
But lookit I'm not Taoiseach either.

Some of the above *will* happen over the coming months as we slowly learn from our mistakes. We could shortcut some of it by just copying what works.
oh and

- bulk procure N95/FFP masks for every household in the country (prioritising vulnerable groups + hcws as always)

- send them out to every household with new additional guidance on aerosols and ventilation

- engineers to examine all schools for assessment on measures
Anyways - me tweeting about these things rarely helps. But most of the Cabinet appears to follow me on here too. Are people short of ideas?
Because as the spring comes and we repeat this cycle and as more vaccine delays happen people will get more frustrated. A bit of vision and leadership with some clear actions and goals with total transparency on when things go wrong would help. Level with the public.
Three months ago I made many similar points but we still haven't adapted. Eventually we might.
Best of luck to everyone because these extended restrictions aren't easy. If there's one thing the government has yet to exploit to the fullest potential it is good will from the public & social cohesion. Plan better, do better, copy what works.

Good will is not inexhaustible
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