🚨 My next big bet: $LUXA/Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp.

- Led by @Lux_Capital ( @wolfejosh & @peterjhebert) targeting a health-tech biz.
- $345m raised
- Team of serial entrepreneurs, inventors, renowned doctors, & investors

*Current Price: $10.94

Time for a thread 🧵⬇️
First things first, @Lux_Capital?

- VC firm founded by @peterjhebert, @wolfejosh, and Robert Paull.
- Invests in emerging tech in the physical and life science sector
- $2.5 billion total assets across 8 funds
- Built 20 companies from scratch

https://luxcapital.com/about/  $LUXA
Their investments are all about the future. $LUXA

- 3D printing;
- machine learning
- AI
- VR
- flying robots
- surgical robots
- synthetic biology
- genomics
- space
- satellites
- drones
- computational imaging
- new materials
- holograms
- internet of things
- smart home
To get a better idea of @Lux_Capital/ @wolfejosh, listen to this interview from Oct 2019. $LUXA

- Articulate
- Visionary
- Bold

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"
Their portfolio of companies/investments are star-studded across various future tech industries. $LUXA

Including but not limited to:
- Zoox (acq. by Amazon $1bn)
- CTRL-Labs (acq. by Facebook $1bn)
- Auris Health (acq. by J&J $3.4bn)
- Luxtera (acq. by Cisco $660m)
- Noon
- Halo
Lux Capital is no stranger to the SPAC world. Two of their portfolio companies will/went public through SPAC last year $LUXA

First one: $TRNE --> $DM/ @DesktopMetal

- 3D Printing systems
** PIPE was led by @chamath https://twitter.com/wolfejosh/status/1298612289277485058
Second one: $IPV/ @aevainc

- Next-gen Lidar for autonomous vehicles
** PIPE was led by Porsche https://twitter.com/wolfejosh/status/1323278699593125894
Full list of @Lux_Capital portfolio companies $LUXA

➡️ https://luxcapital.com/companies/ 
On Oct 5, @Lux_Capital announced the launch of a new $1bn initiative: Lux Health + Tech.

Medical tech has not kept pace with the rate of innovation and value creation realized by contemporary technology companies.

@peterjhebert writes on Medium:
https://medium.com/lux-capital/welcoming-a-new-secular-investment-wave-health-tech-450b6cf58a0e $LUXA
Let's get back to $LUXA.

On Oct 27, Peter & Josh shared their rationale behind Lux Health Tech Acquisition.

"We believe the time is now to take public and build generational technology companies that will have a profound positive impact on healthcare." https://medium.com/lux-capital/announcing-lux-health-tech-acquisition-corp-2f02fa4b39ba
Let's get back to $LUXA and take a look at their team. https://twitter.com/wolfejosh/status/1321101756344999943
Chairman: @peterjhebert (co-founder and Managing Partner of Lux Capital)

- Led Lux’s investments in Auris Health (acquired by J&J for $6bn, making it one of top 10 VC-backed private M&A transactions of all-time)
$LUXA CEO and Director: @JoshDeFonzo:

- Former President of Johnson & Johnson's Robotics & Digital Solutions unit
- Former COO of Auris Health (sold to J&J for $6bn)
- Former CCO of CareDx $CDNA
$LUXA Director: Dr. Fred Moll:

- Robotic surgery pioneer
- Chief Development Officer for J&J Medical Device Companies
- Founder of Auris Health, Intuitive Surgical, Hansen Medical, EndoTherapeutics, & Origin MedSystems
- Serves on the board of IntersectENT and Shockwave Medical
$LUXA Director: Senator Joseph Kerrey:

- MD of investment banking firm Allen & Company
- U.S. Senator from Nebraska
- Governer of Nebraska
- Director of Tenet Healthcare Corp
- BoD at Imagen, Intarcia, & Monolith Energy
$LUXA Director: Bijan Salehizadeh ( @bijans)

- Experienced investor in medtech
- Co-founder and MD of healthcare private equity firm NaviMed Capital
- Former GM of Highland Capital
- Former exec at Medtronic
- Former BoD at Auris Health and Hyperion Therapeutics,
Would like to end this thread with a quote from $LUXA's S1 Prospectus:

"If we can’t figure out where the herd is wrong, what they’re missing, or why they’re ignoring what we see, then we know we risk sitting at the poker table unable to spot the patsy,"
Hope you enjoyed!

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