A few of my predictions by/for 2033
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✅the average household in the U.S. will have 4-5 packages a week delivered with flying drones. $AMZN $WMT

✅ People will travel 40% of the time in a driverless car $TSLA $CCIV $VLDR

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✅over 80% of all restaurants will use some form of a 3D food printer in their meal preparations. #ByFlow Printers

✅over 22% of all new construction will be “printed” building. $DM $DDD $PRLB $NNDM

Predictions by 2033
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✅ over 13% of all global financial transactions will be conducted through #Bitcoin or crypto currencies.

✅over 70% of all doctor visits will have been replaced by automated exams, using device like $LGVW $TDOC

Predictions by 2033
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✅ the majority of people will understand genomics and will receive targeted therapies "personal medecine" $CRSP $EXAS $PACB $TDOC

✅ over 1/2 of all traditional colleges will collapse, paving the way for an entire new education industry to emerge. $EDU $CHGG $TCEHY
✅ we will see the first city to harvest 100% of its #water supply from the atmosphere (Africa likely)

✅Cable TV is done. $ROKU $MGNI $FUBO $DIS

Predictions by 2033
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✅Swarmbots (micro flying drones) will be demonstrated to assemble themselves as a type of personal clothing $LEVI

✅ Digital #tattoo will be common, fashionable and useful for healthcare purposes. #BioStamp
✅solar will make up 30% of U.S. electricity generation $RUN $SPWR $ENPH

✅over 30% of all cities in the U.S. will operate their electric utilities as micro grid.

✅ wireless power will be used to light up invisible light bulbs in the middle of a room $TSLA $GE

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✅ cloning will create real moral issues and will be heavily protested. #antiCloning

✅ VR world like #earth2 will have their own virtual economy with its own cycles.

✅ #Space colonies will be a hot theme but not yet a reality $TSLA $SPCE $UFO

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