Yang is correct about BDS.
Woke liberals/leftists show themselves deeply ignorant about Islam & it’s history. Propaganda has them living in delusion turning them into ignorant Islam apologists.

Know that Muslims in the ME celebrated Hitler because he was killing Jews. https://twitter.com/alexbkane/status/1352635343003144194
Wokeism plagues modern liberal Jews & Hindus. Islam also historically targeted Hindus slaughtering 10’s of millions, they tried to commit cultural genocide against the polytheistic civilization of India, destroying schools/universities (millions of historical documents) & temples
Yet, due to whitewashing of history and use of propaganda, one of the most brutal and genocidal religions to ever to exist on our planet, Islam, has falsely projected itself as a “religion of peace”, its followers victims, even as it continues to drive chaos & violence globally.
“Woke” liberal/leftist Jews & Hindus act as Islam apologists turning a blind eye to the genocidal history & the doctrinal hatred Islam harbors against them. For Hindus, Islam flat out demonizes polytheism & stands completely against the ancient Vedic/Dharmic culture of India.
Don’t be woke, wake up. If Islam does not do a full reform, including editing out & rejecting the hateful passages in the Quran, Sunnah & Hadith against non-Muslims, especially against polytheists, the problems will continue & more will needlessly die.
Islam hasn’t changed it’s demonization & hatred for polytheism (Hinduism) & India has suffered for centuries as a result. It’s continues today & these Islamic bigots are joined by Christian bigots who equally demonize & attack Hinduism, they invest billions trying to end it.
Both feel justified in their demonization, bigotry & hatred against this most ancient human civilization because it’s backed by their religions & documented in the Quran & Bible. Stop apologizing for Islam or Christianity and demand these supremacist bigoted religions reform.
Learn truth, stop being an apologist for Islam. Instead, demand Islam reform. Palestine/Hamas would like to erase Israel from the map. Although Israel may not always behave at best, the antagonist preventing peace is Islam. https://twitter.com/henmazzig/status/1351298515893411840
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