Financial #speculation has become key to overcome the stagnation tendencies of global markets. Global money management can be narrowed down to some 17 financial giants, collectively managing >$40 trillion in a self-invested network of interlocking capital.
Besides the Future of Food, the big players are interested in #climatechange investing, i.e. the financialization & commodification of natural resources, using narratives of 'carbon credits', 'conservation', 'afforestation' & 'protected areas'. 
Predictions that refer to the #collapse of animal agriculture are aggressively pushed by consulting firms [e.g., @kearney 2020] to generate interest from large investors, many of which also have an ideological agenda.
FAIRR is an investor company of which the membership & wider supporting network comprises institutional investors managing $25 trillion in combined assets. It was founded in 2015 by Jeremy Coller, who is a vegan and wishes to 'end factory farming'.
Coller also has a seat on the advisory board of the Good Food Institute, a well-connected lobby group for 'plant-based' startups & vegan agendas. 
On EAT's Advisory Board, we find a director of @blackrock, the world's largest shadow bank, with >$5 trillion assets under management, directly influencing investment strategy for $15 trillion. This sheds an interesting light on the #FoodCanFixIt concept.
Also on EAT's Advisory Board, founder of @RethinkX, which analyzes & forecasts technology-driven market disruptions. With the usual hyperbole, it claims that 'precision fermentation protein' will bring the meat & dairy industries to ' #collapse' by #2030.
The "collapse" narrative is a frequent one within the larger network of the #GreatFoodTransformation. "Death spiral" is another one.
Such radical change requires social engineering. Strategies have been developed by WRI. Note that latter's Board of Directors is dominated by representatives from Big Finance. Its co-chair is David Blood, former Asset Management director of @GoldmanSachs. 
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