. @joinClubhouse is the first time since Twitter at SXSW, where you feel the energy of breakout rooms with breakout ideas.

Their genius is notifications. Interests is to Clubhouse what Photos was to Facebook.

This is the reinvention and democratization of radio.👇🏽🤯 https://twitter.com/joshelman/status/1352773371994411010
Starting a thread on interesting live @joinClubhouse topics I'm joining.

@jowyang is hosting how CH might monetize. Good to see @dotBen after a while; feels like @sxsw everytime I login.

Once again, I'd love to share a link to live rooms, to map @Twitter accounts. @rohanseth
Couple of ideas that I'd love, and maybe there's an evolution imminent.

- DMs within @joinClubhouse (As I listen to the above room, I notice friends join, like @benparr and @Mike_Stelzner that I have to either DM on Twitter to say hello)
- Auto recommend "Topics of interest."
Agreed. But, I'm impressed they haven't even scratched the surface of my Twitter graph.

They're still tryna leverage my phone book, which is a great place to start.

But the creator network on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, lend themselves equally to @joinClubhouse. https://twitter.com/msg/status/1353071400446119937
Social comes full circle.

@GuyKawasaki is on @joinClubhouse and, of course, @jowyang is behind his participation.

If you folks are interested, join now.
Couple more @joinClubhouse tips, after I joined a quick welcome party for friends of @rbahnasy.

- Follow as many folks and topics as possible
- Feel free to listen in as much as you can (you'll get over the awkwardness)
- Slowly raise your hand to speak if it's a topic you ❤️
On crypto, live now. An eclectic group of builders.

Good crew. Good topic.

Clubhouse notifications are addictive. Easy to hop onto. It’s truly on-demand radio with people you admire.

@garrytan @justinkan @alexisohanian
Couple a thoughts:

- @joinClubhouse reminds me a lot of @YouTube’s early days; it’s uncanny and I think they’ll evolve in similar ways @stevechen @Chad_Hurley

- @justinkan shared a story of his humble beginnings, not heard before

Pods are human storytelling. Deeply resonant.
Not since early Quora (and @telepath now, and early Twitter and Facebook) do I feel a strong sense of community in a product like @joinClubhouse.

Sunday townhalls are run well with the founders. The only place you'll see @PerezHilton and @ParisHilton together!

Terrific crowd.
Those who crush @joinClubhouse are those that understand TV programming.

- consistency
- branding
- familiar faces

@sriramk, @stevesi are doing a good job with "Good Time." https://twitter.com/sriramk/status/1353901569616474117
Yep, it's worth listening to @pmarca, who you don't get to see often on here.

It used to be in the early days of LinkedIn, that the best way to reach @reidhoffman was on our platform. ;)

So, go @joinClubhouse. Listen in. 🔊 https://twitter.com/aarthir/status/1354311105351278593
Chatting up a storm with @droidmaker who's talking about his early days at Adobe (hi @scottbelsky!), Netflix and this is one of the funnest parts of @joinClubhouse.

Serendipitous aha conversations with peers I admire. Hat tip: @jowyang
This should break the audience record on @joinClubhouse.

Should be fun. https://twitter.com/sriramk/status/1355987646858752001
This is such a good thread to read before joining tonight's @joinClubhouse event with @elonmusk! @sriramk @GoodTimeShowCH

To have a real discussion, I'd urge @doctorow to join. C'mon, let's get this party started. 🎇🎆 https://twitter.com/doctorow/status/1354848494192738304
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