(1/22 #NWIndiana #COVID19 update). Cases continue to plummet (yay!). We're down to a 7-day average of 305 new cases/day, the lowest since 10/19.
Average #COVID19 test positivity for #NWIndiana is down to 11.4% and dropping, the lowest since 10/21.
Average daily hospital admissions for #COVID19 in #NWIndiana are also dropping. We're down to an average of 16 admissions/day, the lowest since 10/8 (!).
While available ICU beds in #NWIndiana haven't risen that much, the number of ICU beds in use for #COVID19 dropped significantly in December and has stayed low since (at about 50).
The best news is that average daily deaths from #COVID19 in #NWIndiana are way down and are continuing to drop. We're averaging 4.0 deaths/day, the lowest since 11/4. It's still elevated, but back under the worst level of daily deaths we saw during the first spike in April/May.
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