Where Parabrahmam/Omkaram or universal consciousness is worshipped. There is no covered structure here.
It is said that once there was a brahmin with a helper Unnikkoran. As the brahmin was always busy in prayers, Unnikkoran was curious.
When he asked his master about Prabhu and how Prabhu looked like, the brahmin got irritated. He pointed to a bull grazing nearby and told Unnikkoran that Prabhu looked like the bull. Overjoyed Unnikkoran started worshipping the bull till it disappeared in the forest.
Now whenever he saw that bull, he started praying to it. One day, he had to go somewhere with his master. His master made him carry two heavy bags which tired Unnikkoran. Suddenly, he saw the same white bull behind him and heard a voice asking him to place the bags on the bull.
After sometime, his master looked back. Unnikkoran told him that the bull was helping him carry the bags. The master saw only 2 bags dangling in air. It was then that the brahmin realised the true meaning of devotion and the power of love.
He bowed before Unnikkoran in guilt.
The place where Unnikkoran showed the bull to the brahmin became the renowned groove “Undikkaav”. Later two banyan grooves were constructed in the premise for shade as well as an abstract form for worship.
(Cr: various sites. Pics: representational)
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