1) This illustrates the whole climate and ecological emergency in a nutshell. The world is heading towards a climate catastrophe, but the most obvious ways to reduce our carbon emissions are being ignored, because billionaires can't profit from the solutions. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1352392678177034242
2) The most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions are to restore the Earth's peat bogs, rewild the land, restore natural forests, eat drastically less meat, and stop extracting and burning fossil fuels. It really is that simple. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00355-3
3) These are quite simple to achieve, we could start straight away, none require magic technology, and have been known about as effective solutions for decades. So why don't we pursue these simple natural solutions? @GretaThunberg @GeorgeMonbiot https://www.naturalclimate.solutions/ 
4) The answer is surprisingly simple. Not only would billionaires and huge corporations not be able to profit from such solutions, but it would greatly impact their ability to create massive profits and wealth.
5) What is more, these people and vested interests, not only have massive influence in our societies and system, but they control it. They own the media, they bankroll most politicians, and their gigantic wealth gives them massive muscle to manipulate people.
6) Remember, we live in a system, where the successful political parties and politicians, are the ones who can raise the most money.
8) If you look at the history of neoliberalism, you can see that at one time it was openly spoken about and described as neoliberalism. But the current proponents and exponents of neoliberalism, found it was publicly unpopular, so hid it.
9) Therefore we as a society are controlled by an insidious ideology, hidden from public view, which entirely constrains the thinking of all governments, to the extent that they will only consider and apply neoliberal solutions, when other solutions would be far more effective.
10) People criticise @GretaThunberg because they say she has got no plans and ideas for addressing the climate crisis, despite her and climate strike movement #FridaysForFuture naming and describing them i.e. system change and natural solutions.
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