If citizens are the viewers of a movie called @PMOIndia in cinema hall called Gov, these are various types of critics on Twitter :
1. Genuine fans : They are fully committed and would criticise only when they feel the movie could be better. “ Great movie, but too many songs”.
2. Neutral lot : They view the government as just another government meant to serve the nation and people and save their criticism only on issues didn’t serve them well. “ It’s okay movie but I didn’t like the Hero at all. Mood kharab kar diya”.
3. Haters : They’ve been forced to watch the movie because it’s the only cinema hall and only movie and they will keep cribbing throughout the movie, irrespective of what’s good and bad. “ what is this stupid music ..what is this acting..why this scene..why that actor”.
4. Critics on hire: The haters will bring their cousins who are visiting them to also watch the movie so together they can create a echo chamber. The critics on hire will show up in every movie in all cities with no commitment to any cause actually and keep criticising endlessly
5. Running businesses by criticising : The pop corn n cold drink sellers who’ll hang around Haters and feed them energy and fuelling their temper. “ Have this snack I made after talking to lot specialists. It’s exclusive n honest. We serve you, nothing to do with TRP, trust me“
6. The Critics outside cinema : Sent by other directors to ensure the movie isn’t watched enough n people can’t have independent opinion, they influence movie goers with their status. “I’m coming from NY and I write movie reviews for NYT and WSJ. Trust me, this movie is stupid.”
7. The kid critics : They have no idea about the movie. They don’t even know what’s going on. But they’ll start crying in between just to get attention and say “ I hate this movie. I want to go to park. I want toys. Here, look at my placard. Gimme attention “ They often succeed!
8. The disgruntled senior lot of the city : They’ll keep sleeping during most of the movie just to wake up suddenly and shake everyone around by “ My God..look at this movie. When I was an officer in the city, I never would’ve let this movie play.” And go back to sleep.
9. The young and idealist : They always mean well, but they’ve not seen enough movies in life to compare the horrors of previous ones. So they judge the movie as they see it. “ how CAN they have such moronic songs. Why didn’t they cast the other guy? This is propaganda”
10. Finally, the other Directors ans Actors who are just irritated coz it’s not their movie playing. “ The Director paid the Mayor to run this movie. We made better movies. My family is in movie business since long so I know how to run this show better. Let’s all get together“
Criticism is critical. It’s must for improvement and development. But always do think why and on what basis is this criticism based. Believe in true critics, not the ones with their own axe to grind and asking your support in background to appear strong and in control. Jai Hind.
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