There’s a reason India has so far kept itself at arm’s length on chaos in Afghanistan and should continue to do so. Especially now, India definitely shouldn’t meddle in US- Pak-Afghanistan boiling kettle. For one, we can clearly see what happened to Pak, another next door
neighbour to Afghanistan once the violence started to spill over across the border. India also is pretty close to ground Zero, and Pakistan would be more than happy to divert Taliban’s/other factions’ action and attention to India, should we jump in. Secondly, we have a very
healthy relationship with Afghan government. Why would we create an opportunity of losing that bonhomie by aggressive stance? Our non participation is our support to them and it’s been appreciated so far. And finally, Biden will favour Pak a lot and expect it to take on the
responsibility of sorting Afghanistan on US’s behalf. Even if we do approach Biden administration with over enthusiastic‘ gimme gimme I’ll do it’ approach, we might end up being snubbed as US can’t and won’t support India and Pak on same lines for same cause. Theoretically it
seems like a good idea - Let’s make friends with US and jump in to solve Afghanistan. But practically, it’s not something that serves our aims and purposes to the best. Finally, any resource placed in Afghanistan, military or civil is a drain on our over stretched capabilities.
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