🔥 Stop the Steal - Infiltrators and Protagonists of Jan. DC Riots/Protests🔥

💣Many Players/Connections💣

🎯 Floyd posted this thread on January 1, please read. I will be adding on to it. Familiarize yourselves with Ali Abdul Radar Akbar (aka) Ali Alexander.🎯 https://twitter.com/justthinkit/status/1345165925369069568
Stop the Steal - Founded by Roger Stone in 2016. Ali Alexander is an African American operative/leader of this group. Connections to #GroupAJ
Ali has been a Republican operative going back to at least 2008 with NoName (see Floyd's thread). Other political affiliates include: TW Shannon, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar.
Some screengrabs by Ali prior to the DC event before his account was taken down.
Remember the DC event back in December? We get to connect Michael Flynn & My Pillow guy among others.
Found an old Tweet of his promoting the color orange.
These are the names pulled from Speaker List and permit pulled for the December event I believe. #TheList
We can now add connections to Loopy Lin, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. Vid: https://twitter.com/Real_QL/status/1351073667275513857?s=19
Here are Ali and AJ in the Capitol Building. Listen! https://twitter.com/VelvetBlade/status/1350324785717387264?s=19
One of his speeches. https://twitter.com/Greg_Palast/status/1350137351570300929?s=19
Ali has been on the run since the protests. His Twitter account taken down in the purge that happened two weeks ago. Vid from 1/14. https://twitter.com/EreaAndrzej/status/1349773019892375557?s=19
Ali implicating Gosar. https://twitter.com/_Gromflomite_/status/1349759570663489538?s=19
Grifters gonna grift. https://twitter.com/superlorna69/status/1348634336912879617?s=19
Most recent vid of Ali from the 19th, begging for donations. https://twitter.com/JonathanLKrohn/status/1352138688990502914?s=19
The most startling connections I discovered? Ali knew all three of these now dead guys.😳 Breitbart, Gerdes, & Flynn. https://twitter.com/Delta5by5Dawn/status/1272909399519039488?s=19
I can pinpoint Ali to Mike Flynn back to late 2011-early 2012 prior to running for office in IL. Chip Gerdes was tagged in on of the Tweets.
Bannon, Dark Money, and more! https://twitter.com/Real_QL/status/1349297541574115329?s=19
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