Goal Setting 101

We all have big goals.

• Be the Tony Robbins of Tech ( @ShaanVP)
• End Climate Change ( @chamath)
• Sell 1 million copies ( @JamesClear)

But how do you actually get there?

I have a solution... The Funnel Framework

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1/ "Set a goal so big it'll blow your mind."

This is a good start. But it misses the main point.

We need a North Star to focus on but also a system to get there.
2/ Long-term: Choose the dream.

For me: Build a company from idea to IPO.

This goal is something that takes 5+ yrs...

Dream big.
3/ Medium-term: What is the intermediate step to get there?

For me: Build a world-class network.
• This network serves to recruit talent, capital, and customers.

I've broken this into 3 steps..
• Attract
• Search
• Strengthen

Check out this thread: https://twitter.com/chrishlad/status/1348705637098803205?s=20
4/ Weekly: Routines and habits.

For me to build the world-class network:
• 2 threads per week/ 1 podcast per month
• Send 1 DM/email to someone new per week
• 1 DM + Zoom check in to an existing relationship

Here's a Search example replying to @david_perell's newsletter:
5/ Lastly, have a long-term outlook.

Optimize for success over 5 years not 5 months.

Once you have your funnel, sit back, trust the process, and enjoy yourself.
6/ This is one template for the Funnel Framework.

If you found this useful, follow me @chrishlad for 2 threads per week on frameworks that work for people and businesses.

Also feel free to DM me! Would love to talk through anyone's personal Funnel Framework.
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