If you're new to antifascism and came via osint, here's some necessary gatekeeping:

1) Antifascism is a big tent which includes some spicy liberals, but the core is radical leftist/anarchist.
2) Antifa is an idea AND a (loose) organization.
3) Antifascism is not anti-"extremism"
4) Don't use war-on-terror language
5) If you seek out and talk to the cops/LEO about fascist targets, militant antifascists will not talk to you. It's both ideological and practical, because it means you might turn us in as well.
6) Antifascism is never an excuse to be bigoted. Don't use bigoted language even against fascists.
7) Working in antifascism often radicalizes you. But if you stay liberal/centrist, be transparent about that: don't put on a fake front. And don't countersignal the radicals.
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