Biden signing 10 executive orders and other directives today on #covid19. Here they are per @WhiteHouse fact-sheet: 🧵

1. EO directing agencies to fix supply of PPE, materials for testing & vaccines, including through Defense Production Act
2. Presidential Memo directing FEMA to increase federal reimbursement to 100% (from 75%) of cost of National Guard personnel & emergency supplies; restoring full reimbursement for eligible costs to support safe school reopening through FEMA Disaster Relief Fund
3. EO to establish Pandemic Testing Board; increase testing capacity by directing use of Defense Production Act; promote surge capacity of testing in the US; onshore test manufacturing, expand public health workforce, support #covid19 screening for schools;ensure equitable access
4. EO directing studies, including large randomized trials, to identify treatments for #covid19; establishes preclinical drug discovery & development program to allow therapeutics to be evaluated & developed in response to pandemic threats
5. EO to improve data collection, production, sharing & analysis; create publicly available dashboards w national & state level info on cases, testing, vaccinations & hospital admissions "to make real-time information available to policymakers and the public"
6. EO directing Depts of Education & Health to provide guidance on safe reopening & operating for schools, child care providers & higher ed; collect data around reopening and school closures; encourages FCC to increase connectivity for students w/o reliable home broadband
7. EO calling on OSHA to immediately release guidance for employers to keep workers safe from #covid19 exposure, enforce worker health & safety requirements, "targeting the worst violators"
8. EO requiring mask-wearing in airports & on many trains, planes, ships & intercity buses; proof of negative #covid19 test for intl travelers before departing for US & compliance w CDC isolation/quarantine guidelines; consideration of addtl domestic travel public health measures
9. EO to ensure equitable pandemic response & recovery; establishes #covid19 Health Equity Task Force; expands equity data collection, increases access to PPE, testing, therapies & vaccines; work w local leaders to address food, housing, childcare needs
10. Presidential Directive to restore America's leadership, support intl pandemic response effort, promote resilience for future threats & advance global health security
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