🚨 $FTOC/ @Payoneer: The next PayPal?

- Payment processing company for B2C & B2B
- Operates in 200 countries + total of 1,500 employees
- $300m in revenue (2019)
- $2.5 bn valuation (Bloomberg)
- Customers include Airbnb, Walmart, Amazon, & Google

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Payoneer was founded in 2005 with $2 million in seed funding from founder and then-CEO Yuval Tal and other private investors. $FTOC
Payoneer specializes in facilitating cross-border B2B payments and provides cross-border transactions in 200 countries and territories in more than 150 local currencies, with its cross border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card services. $FTOC
Payoneer as a business:
- HQ in NYC (14 offices worldwide)
- 1,500 employees
- Over 4 million customers
- Serving 150 countries and 70 languages

Payoneer's has global and multinational blue-chip customers including but not limited to:
- Airbnb
- Amazon
- Google
- Upwork
- Rakuten
- Walmart
- Wish
- Fiverr
- Getty Images
- iStock
- Pond5

Payoneer has immense presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

In Dec 2020, the company launched a new service that drives growth, transparency and control for eCommerce merchants that recognize that one provider cannot meet their global growth needs.

http://bwdisrupt.businessworld.in/article/Fintech-Unicorn-Payoneer-Launches-Payment-Orchestration-For-eCommerce-Merchants-In-Asia-Pacific-/30-12-2020-359748/ $FTOC
In Sep 2020, Payoneer launched a for Banks Programs around the globe, making partnerships with ten banks in ten countries, with more to come!

https://thefintechtimes.com/fintech-unicorn-payoneer-announces-new-global-payment-programme-partnering-with-ten-banks-in-ten-countries/ $FTOC
In Nov 2020, Payoneer launched a payment orchestration to supercharge global payment strategies for e-Commerce merchants in North America.

https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/11/23/2131926/0/en/Payoneer-Launches-Payment-Orchestration-to-Supercharge-Global-Payment-Strategies-for-e-Commerce-Merchants-in-North-America.html $FTOC
Payoneer’s Green Channel (rolled out in Oct 2020) Powers eCommerce Growth By Matching Marketplaces and Sellers Worldwide.

https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/10/28/2116034/0/en/Payoneer-s-Green-Channel-Powers-eCommerce-Growth-By-Matching-Marketplaces-and-Sellers-Worldwide.html $FTOC
In Dec 2020, Payoneer announced it is partnering with open banking API provider TrueLayer to launch its open banking service for customers in the UK and Europe.

https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/85285/payoneer-taps-truelayer-to-launch-open-banking-in-uk-and-europe $FTOC
Payoneer serves as Amazon's payments provider for sellers across 24 countries, which includes Amazon's marketplaces in the U.S., Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the U.K.

https://www.pymnts.com/news/2015/amazon-picks-payoneer-for-x-border-payments/ $FTOC
Payoneer allows Airbnb hosts to receive payouts directly to a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/482/how-do-i-use-payoneer-to-receive-payouts $FTOC
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