1/ So here's a true story...

Just got an email from a former neighbor. In December she took her 2 youngest kids to Indiana to enroll them in school, because #NewMexico schools are closed and will not be open this year (if I'm reading the @NMPED tea leaves correctly) #covid19
2/ She's also trying to get her teaching cert with the state of NM. But apparently PED is not answering mail/issuing certs till February? They need electronic transcripts, but Santa Fe Comm Coll only does paper? (Can we all be in the 21st Cent already)? #covid19 #backtoschoo
3/ Her husband is also quitting his job at LANL, and bringing the older kids out to Indiana as well, because he's had enough of remote work too ... and also so the older kids can actually go to school.
4/ To quote my friend, "I have enjoyed being home (Indiana), things are open, we can go places, we can see people, it's been nice to feel human connections again."
5/ So there you have it... #NewMexico still locked down. Schools still closed. Businesses still shuttered. Everything is this state is wrong because @GovMLG is a myopic fool. Thus endeth the lesson. #backtoschoolnm #covid19
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