1) I actually listened to Trump's farewell speech, not because I was interested, but I was making sure he actually left, to say good riddance. However, what he actually said, illustrates the pure mendacity of Trump and his time in office. https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1351887434548727808
2) As usual, Trump was claiming credit for creating an economic miracle, which was an outright lie because the economy was recovering very strongly under the Obama regime before Trump took over and much of the success was due to this, not Trump's policy.
3) This is why I am posting this, not that I am usually bothered with any analysis of what the pathological liar Trump actually said. You see, Trump was claiming any economic success the Biden regime has, is down to him.
4) Before forgetting about Trump completely, I thought it was worth highlighting the mechanics of Trump's outrageous lies.
5) When Trump came into office he wanted to take all credit for the strength of the economy, even though this was nothing to do with him as he hadn't introduced any fiscal policy himself when he started taking credit.
6) What Trump was doing was denying that any economic success could be handed down from one regime to the next. Denying the principle completely. Yet now he wants to reverse his principle, and claim all responsibility for any economic success under the Biden regime.
7) I am highlighting this because I've long noticed this pattern of dishonest argument used by politicians in general, but with Trump far more. What they do, is to invoke general principles as the guiding logic of their argument i.e. the premise of it.
8) However, when it suits them, they will ditch this principle completely, totally deny it, and argue the diametric opposite of what they argued previously. It demonstrates a total disregard for the truth, logic and reason.
9) Just to lay out the background. When Obama became president in 2009, there had just been the 2008 financial crash, so for much of Obama's presidency, all economies were recovering from this. Trump took over, just as the word's economies had recovered from the 2008 crash.
10) Therefore all Trump's boasting about achieving some economic miracle, no previous regime had achieved, is just pure bullshit, as the economic recovery had taken place before he became president. This is pure Trump, taking credit for the work of others.
PS. I'm not bothered if anyone reads this, because it is now largely irrelevant now the pathological liar that is Trump, is gone. I was just stating it for the record.
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