One 🤡s reactions to the $YFI

1st thought: That's $220 million+... jfc

2nd thought: Well, maybe they'll get rid of the mint

3rd thought: They're not getting rid of the mint

More 👇
4th thought: They're adversarial AF to investors who are holding something w hardly any cashflow

5th thought: What's to stop them from coming back to mint another quarter billie?

6th thought: I'd rather own token x at this point
8th thought: Don't you do that, $YFI... don't you compare yourself to other projects. You can't. You're different. You play a different game than all the rest

9th thought: Wow. I think about crypto too much to be feeling this emotional
10th thought: Well, I guess they're less than 1/2 of $AAVE's market cap...

11th thought: Burn the f'ing minting ability after this. Who gives AF if other projects keep it?

Let $YFI be the beacon on the hill

Let $YFI be the one with courage (like its always been)
12th thought: If $YFI crumbles, many of the projects they've sucked into their nexus will as well
13th thought: If this passes, I won't sell because $YFI represents a lot of things to me... things I just love about crypto in general. Fair launch, community, innvoation, rule-breaking, genius, madness, simplicity, complexity, the death of well-dressed Man
14th thought: Seems like I might be emotionally attached to this project rather than just financially attached

15th thought: F it. Emotional attachment is how f'ing legends are born

16th thought: The world has known many sculptors but there was only ever one Michelangelo
16th thought: And who am I kidding, anyway. They are at the beating heart of innovation in DeFi. They either become a world-eating goliath or they return to dust. It is known

17th thought: $$$ is seductive. $$$ eats souls. Find some way to make this work long-term. Burn the mint
18th thought: I've made enough off crypto to stop trying to poach 50% off cryptos w small dreams

I want to own a piece of the one token that eats worlds...
19th thought: Nothing but respect for devs. Keep building. Keep exploring

You are wolves. You prowl the very edges of the Known Possible

It is lonely there. It is bitter. It is cold

But there is beauty there... beauty the rest of us may not see for many years to come
20th thought: A DeFi world without $YFI is one I'm not all that excited about

21st thought: You can build ponzis that rip off nurses. Or you can build something that's going to change the world for the next 100 years

My bet is that $YFI falls in category No. 2
22nd thought: Burn the f'ing mint

23rd thought: Actually... you know what...

do whatever TF you have to do to keep being you

I think what I'm trying to say is...

I'm not leaving

I'm not f'ing leaving

Long $YFI

Long the wolves who prowl the fringe
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