I am so glad that today we will have a president that:
1. Hasn’t bragged about sexual assault with Billy Bush
2. Hasn’t incited a mob to take over the Capitol.
3. Hasn’t mocked disabled people
4. Hasn’t referred to the size of his penis in a debate
5. Hasn’t alluded to a women’s cycle, because of her tone.
6. Hasn’t called women ugly.
7. Hasn’t spoken harshly to reporters, especially women, and called them stupid or mean.
8. Hasn’t used the word treason inappropriately
9. Hasn’t demonized Mexicans and hispanics
10. Hasn’t tried to end The ACA, or ObamaCare
11. Hasn’t asked Russia for help with an election
12. Doesn’t listen to the intelligence community
13. Hasn’t violated the emoluments clause.
14. Hasn’t gone golfing more than any president in recent history
15. Hasn’t race baited
16. Hasn’t had nearly 400,000 Americans die on there watch due to COVID, all while defunding WHO and discrediting CDC.
17. Hasn’t hugged an American flag for a photo op.
18. Hasn’t let ICE separate families, cage children, and lose them in the system!!!!
19. Hasn’t allowed ICE to provide unwanted hysterectomies to detained immigrants.
20. Hasn’t mocked our troops.
21. Hasn’t said POWs are not heroes
22. Hasn’t instituted a Muslim travel ban
23. Can unequivocally denounce white supremacy and hate groups
24. Doesn’t retweet white power accounts and websites
25. Doesn’t idolize Andrew Jackson as a president.
26. Doesn’t make racist comments
27. Doesn’t use anti semitic troupes
28. Doesn’t tell people to go back where they came from
29. Doesn’t question loyalty of immigrants
30. Doesn’t question loyalty of those with religious beliefs that are not Christian
31. Doesn’t write love letters to dictators
32. Doesn’t care about the environment.
33. Isn’t a con man
34. Doesn’t make money off of his office.
35. Holds press briefings in the White House
36. Doesn’t call into Fox News.
37. Get information from trusted advisers, instead of TV and Twitter.
38. Doesn’t allow the economy to crash without trying to prevent it.
39. Doesn’t have to pardon anyone involved in his campaign
40. Has a moral code.
41. Has compassion
42. Has political experience
43. Won’t run the country and our agencies like a business
44. Won’t install department heads who are inclined to gut and undermine an agency and its policies
45. Has friends her are not just rich and white
46. Know how to work with both political parties.
47. Doesn’t resort to EOs when their party controls both House and Senate!!
48. Is competent
49. Doesn’t lie all of the time.
50. Is actually good at “winging it”.
51. Won’t start a chant to lock someone up.
52. Isn’t orange
53. Hasn’t paid off a porn star
54. Hasn’t referred to Kap and others kneeling for the national anthem as an SOB
55. Hasn’t tried and failed to own and NFL team
55. Wasn’t part of the WWE or WWF.
56. Doesn’t have a gold toilet
57. Doesn’t own golf courses
58. Stops campaigning!!
59. Doesn’t need credit for everything.
60. Can take the blame for something
61. Doesn’t get into a twitter war with mayors of cities in other countries
62. Doesn’t get into a twitter war with mayors of US countries
63. Doesn’t get in a Twitter war.
64. Doesn’t insult Greta Thunberg.
65. Doesn’t insult federal judges
66. Doesn’t question integrity of judges based on nationality
67. Doesn’t need to forcibly clear out peaceful protest for a photo op
68. Won’t talk about “the squad” especially in a bad light.
69. Won’t ask for favors from a forum leader to get dirt on a political rival.
70. Won’t have photo ops of notable faith leaders praying and laying hands on him.
71. Won’t trash trade agreements and get in fruitless trade wars
72. Won’t alienate our nations allies.
73. Won’t try to leave NATO
74. Won’t assassinate a foreign general that pushes the US closer to war and instability.
75. Won’t pardon and glory traitors and war criminals.
76. Won’t use the word “patriot” as a partisan word.
77. Hasn’t been friends with a sex trafficker
78. Won’t has mean or nasty nicknames fo political rivals
79. Will wear a mask
80. Will work with political rivals
81. Will show compassion towards others
82. Is presidential
83. Is competent
84. Cares for America and all its citizens and residents over himself.
85. Will put in a full day of work
86. Who is friends with Obama vs Hannity
87. Who believes families and kids shouldn’t go hungry.
88. Who will face challenges vs hid from them or deflect and blame.
89. Who won’t continually complain about inheriting a mess.
90. Can tie a tie
91. Shows humility and grace.
92. Knows and will pronounce Kamala correctly
93. Practices a faith rather then patronize one
94. Respects other faiths
95. Follow political and presidential norms that are not laws.
96. Uses the word “malarkey”
97. Was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
98. Has a female VP
99. Has overcome many obstacles and tragedies to be a better person and share his experiences with others in a compassionate way.
100. Can rock a tan suite!!!!

Happy #Inauguration #Inauguration2021 !!!!!!!!
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