“Greg, how do you buy something from Amazon and resell it back on Amazon?”


Buy it when Amazon is at a low price.

Sell it when they are out of stock and the price is higher.

“I thought that wasn’t allowed?!”

It is allowed. Currently, the only rule you must follow is to NOT buy with a PRIME account.

If you are paying a Prime subscription on an account to buy flips, personal or business, it is against Amazon’s Terms of Service.

So what do I do?

I have 2 Amazon buying accounts.
1 Business account and 1 personal account.

The personal account is just that. I have a prime subscription and use it for everyday items my wife and I use. I have personal cards linked to it and I never do anything business related with it.

My business account is just that.
It’s strictly for business. It does not have a prime subscription. I use it to buy Amazon flips and business supplies. I only have business cards linked for purchases.

The biggest benefit to having a business account is being able to purchase flips tax free.
“Greg, what if I already ordered something with Prime and intend to sell it on Amazon?”

Contact support and open a case. Ask permission to sell.

Anytime I’ve accidentally bought with Prime in the past, they have granted me permission.

But, get it in WRITING.
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