As we celebrate #BidenHarrisInauguration, some appreciation and love.

To all the people who registered others to vote. It is an often thankless task, but is perhaps the bulwark of our democracy.
To all the people who VOTED.

To all of the differently-abled people like my son who VOTED.

To all those who got people back and forth to VOTE.
To all those people who volunteered to be poll watchers.

To all those people who volunteered to protect polls.

To all those people who donated money, bought T-shirts, made phone calls, sent post cards.
To all those young people who VOTED.

Remember, you're 30% of the population, but you're
100% of the future. THANK YOU.
To all those who put their lives on the line, protesting police brutality.

To all those in courthouses all over our nation fighting for voting rights.
To John Lewis.
To Elijah Cummings.
To Rev. C.T. Vivian.
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