. @GovGianforte office says Montana is now in phase 1B for vaccine distribution. They say 1B folks should contact your local health department. Some counties already report being overwhelmed with calls and ask you to look for scheduling information online first. #mtnews #COVID19
One of those is Cascade Co., which sent out this release last night: #mtnews #COVID19
This is how to make an appointment in Yellowstone Co., and also has some more info on demand. #mtnews #COVID19
Missoula Co. still in phase 1A and asks the public NOT to call right now, as they are not making appointments yet. They say to monitor their Facebook page for updates. #mtnews #COVID19
Gallatin Co. says they are not in 1B yet—they’ve administered 2,300 doses in 1A as of Fri. They ask you don't call for appointments yet—but you can monitor this site for updates. 1B priority at first: people over 80, American Indians and people of color. https://www.healthygallatin.org/covid-19-vaccines/
Similar story in Ravalli Co. They posted this update Friday asking people not to call or email the health department about getting the vaccine right now. They say to monitor local media for updates. #COVID19 #mtnews
Butte-Silver Bow IS ready for 1B starting tomorrow-- here's the schedule so far and how to make an appointment. #COVID19 #mtnews
State DPHHS says they have been in constant contact with local health departments and 50 out of 56 said they would be ready to move into 1B this week. They say the best way to get information is by checking your local public health website and social media. #COVID19 #mtnews
Technology could be a barrier for some folks in the 1B group, so if you know of someone in 1B who would have trouble finding information online or signing up for vaccine, might be a good idea to reach out and see if they need help. #COVID19 #mtnews
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