As we count down, let’s remember Trump’s greatest moments as President:

1. That time he saved the lives of a million imaginary friends during the Bowling Green Massacre

2. When he fought so hard to find a cure for Windmill Cancer, a deadly disease that kills 0 Americans a year
3. When he learned about a deadly virus eventually named COVID back in January 2020 and decided to blatantly ignore it, telling people it would just disappear and making fun of people for taking it seriously. 400,000 people dead as of today.

4. Refused to condemn white supremacy
5. Refused to condemn any violence that was done in his honor

6. Incited an insurrection at the Capitol which led to 5 deaths and hundreds of arrests

7. Had a weird infatuation with water pressure

8. Refused to accept the results of a fair election and still won’t concede
9. Called himself the Chosen One

10. Tried to convince people there were airplanes during the Revolutionary War

11. Would take to Twitter to attack & bully anyone who dared to disagree with him

12. Loved hamberders & covfefe

13. Enjoyed a close relationships with dictators
14. Refused to acknowledge Puerto Rico was even part of the U.S. and provided aid by throwing paper towels at peoples heads

15. Said a black man murdered by cops would be proud of the country

16. Tear gassed citizens at a peaceful protest for a photo opp at a church
17. Pardoned criminals for crimes he’d be too afraid to go to prison for

18. Complained incessantly about how no President had been treated as badly as him while ignoring the fact that four past presidents were assassinated while in office

19. Refused to condemn Nazis
20. Played the victim and blamed others anytime something went wrong

21. Had a weird and creepy obsession with Obama

22. Called himself a stable genius&stared directly into an eclipse

23. Said people were in the streets attacking each other with cans of soup and tuna fish
24. Flat out refused to provide aid to any states that didn’t vote for him

25. Blamed California for our seasonal wildfires by telling us we needed to rake our forests

26. Told people that the cure for COVID was to inject yourself with bleach while shining a UV ray up your ass
27. Got COVID and told people to not let it affect their lives while ignoring the fact that most people do not have the same access to medical care that he does

28. Had a weird and creepy infatuation with Hunter Biden

29. Called fallen soldiers “suckers” and “losers”
30. Separated children from their parents at the border. Put the children in cages and subsequently lost their parents

Sure I missed a few but it’s been quite a ride and you will not be missed President Meth Addicted Pimple Pumpkin
Adding a few missed ones

31. That time he tried to buy Greenland

32. The only President in history to be impeached twice

33. The only living President to be banned from using any social media platform because he was using his platform to incite and violence
34. The time he humped an American flag

35. His weird train obsession
36. His endless hate rallies where he’d attack people who disagreed with him

37. Walked out of an interview with Lesley Stahl because she was mean to him.

38. Seemed to enjoy bullying reporters and seemed to especially enjoy attacking strong women who stood up to him
39. When he saw himself as Rambo

40. When countless musicians (both living and dead), television and movie creators had to ask Trump to stop using their stuff without permission
41. When he said Frederick Douglass was still alive

42. When asked about John McCain, he said he preferred soldiers who hadn’t been captured
43. When he threw a temper tantrum after being cut out of Home Alone 2

44. When he trashed Parasite for winning Best Picture at the Oscars because it wasn’t an American film

45. When he fat shamed one of his own supporters who he thought was heckling him

46. Kept trying to convince people he was the most healthiest man alive while only eating McDonald’s
47. His weird thing about Sharpies

48. When he pardoned Susan B. Anthony

49. When he took to Twitter to attack Gretchen Whitaker after she’d been the victim of a horrific kidnapping plot

50. When he attacked a mall for dropping Ivanka’s clothes
51. Trump said he had received a Michigan Man of the Year award. No such award exists.

52. Took to Twitter to make fun of then 16, 17 year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg by saying she had an anger management problem. #TrumpsLastDay
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