I've been exploring around the Port of Brownsville while waiting for Starship testing and found an oil rig that appears to be named Deimos, after one of the moons of Mars! Based on job postings and @elonmusk's tweets, I'm willing to bet that SpaceX is involved. @NASASpaceflight
These two photos were taken months apart - you can see the sign is a recent addition. Could this be one of the floating, Superheavy class spaceports that @elonmusk has mentioned SpaceX is building? @NASASpaceflight
Here's a shot from another angle. Looks like this rig is/was ENSCO 8500 in its previous life. @NASASpaceflight
Another bit of evidence for the pile - the primary cranes on Deimos/ENSCO8500 are seatrax S90s. The primary crane on the offshore crane operator job posting from SpaceX is seatrax s90s. @NASASpaceflight
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