Well, issuing statement is governments prerogative, not mine. Mine is to not believe propaganda thrown at us assuming we are some jackasses who’ll believe everything just coz it came on internet. And China didn’t build a village in PoK. It’s a massive CPEC axis that has huge.. https://twitter.com/yusufdfi/status/1351219436888461320
huge tactical, strategic and security implications on whole region, not only J&K. I’m sure you’ll understand that’s a lot more than a village. There’s a value to issuing statements in international forum. If we start issuing condemnations to every village and road that came
up in Pak and China occupied territories, our Gov would be reduced to that of likes of Imran Khan who gives a monthly update on petty remittances from abroad which anyway are less than the trade happening in Karol Bagh daily. And there’s a clear difference between Claimed
Territory, and Held territory. Tibet, Akasi chin, small parts in Arunachal are territories held by China. They might be on our side of supposed IB. But if they have it, they have it. It’s a fact. Calling any construction there as ‘4-5 km inside Indian land’ is misleading. Thanks.
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