#EdChatIE Saying schools are ‘statistically’ safe is like saying flying is statistically safe

Pilots are still responsible for passengers, & checking plane is airworthy

Schools need support for detailed local risk assessments & practical help with eliminating/mitigating risk 1/
📚Read up FAQs
💡Get a group, brainstorm every potential risk local to your school (incl transport, break-times, buildings, timetable, staff etc)
📝Work through this risk register to eliminate/reduce
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Engage your community
🦠 biggest risk is ‘shared air’ in transport, classrooms, corridors, toilets, break-rooms, cars & buses (not hands)
🚦buy CO2 meter
⛪️ spread out, use local churches, sports halls, hotels, parks, etc
😷 all masks indoors
🍽 only eat outside
↔️keep distance
🚙 open car windows
More #Covid19 resources for teachers #edchatie https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1317016896223481859
Indoor Air Quality in K-12 (primary) Schools: Addressing the Concept of Layered Risk Assessment @CorsIAQ
thread on #schools #edchatie @DrZoeHyde https://twitter.com/drzoehyde/status/1336612124835995648
Hacks for #Schools https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1347599218689662976
CO2 monitoring is simple, low-tech way of ensuring dangerous conditions don’t built up, cost about €200 (get NDIR), so walking watch in 4,000 schools <€1m

Monitoring CO2 means windows can be open less, meaning warmer classrooms, more attentive class, & lower heating bills https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1351106728616718340
In Japan
Air Quality traffic lights installed at concert venues, restaurants, airports & other public places.. airborne CO2 monitors show if sites are ventilated properly, helping prevent the “three Cs” of closed, crowded & close-contact settings #COVID19 http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13832094
#Covid19 is ~predominantly~ caught by inhaling infected indoor air, not from hands

#Covid19 is ~mostly~ passed on by people without symptoms

Virus can build up like smoke & spread ~far beyond 2m~

Use CO2 monitors to catch unsafe conditions

😷Mask🪟🌬Air ↔️ Distance
& finally a thread for the science teachers https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1346744325863059456
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