As a lifelong socialist I deplore the methodologies & missions of almost all billionaires incl Bezos/Gates&Zuck, but the 1 billionaire I think is ok is @ElonMusk. Don't agree with everything (coup jokes are *not cool / #Covid is serious) but ... (A thread):
1.His 50k employees are the richest workers on the planet through share options (workers co-own the means of production). Re company’s alleged anti-union practices, truth is employees have consistently voted for share options >UAW affiliation
3. @SpaceX has advanced space exploration by reducing the cost of payload to space by >50% (aiming for 95%) by re-using rocket components & putting the company ahead of NASA, ROSCOSMOS (Russia) and the Chinese Space Agency in terms of $/kg to LEO and beyond
4.Musk believes in UBI & basically admitted he’s a socialist at heart even though he’s been forced to walk that back by the stenographic mainstream media acting on behalf of the rapaciously capitalist vested interests of their owners and advertisers (big oil, auto & even defense)
5. He’s repeatedly warned about dangers of A[*G]I & called for regulation. After launching #OpenAI to guard against the tech being monopolized by a few, he later withdrew after disagreeing with fellow directors on their move to monetize their inventions
6. In the absence of AGI regulation, launched @Neuralink to provide humanity the opportunity of assimilating->AGI rather than being eclipsed.The company has a real chance of enabling paraplegics to walk & in longer term, to cure Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
7. He’s foresworn all material possessions, owns no mansions/holiday houses, yachts or other rich boy toys, has no actual cash. Lives and funds his charities on a $500million overdraft secured against his $200billion shares. Which other CEO is 100% all in?
9.He's pledged to dedicate 50% of his wealth to improving life on Earth (mostly decarbonising energy) & 50% to making humanity a multi-planet species to ensure the survival of the light of consciousness in the event of a mass extinction on Earth & finally
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