I addressed this in reply, but, further:

splitting the various elements up into overlapping groups so they can focus on their specific part of the mission, train for it ahead of time, etc. is what I would expect a bunch of OOH-RAH ex-soldiers and wannabes to come up with, anyway https://twitter.com/thejakerod98/status/1351064453555646465
outside of counterinsurgency framing this overall strategy would also have the benefit of providing at least basic layers of plausible deniability. oath keepers were just there to "keep the peace," the proud boys were just going inside to "exercise their 1st amendment rights" etc
as of now it looks like advance intel was being provided by none other than sitting Republicans in Congress and perhaps, staff and members of their families, and active duty police, military, and private military contractors were on site to operate as liaisons for the Trump admin
this is before we start talking about things like panic buttons being ripped out of desks ahead of the attack, the police force being reduced by 3/4s, Trump openly exhorting police and military on site to join in the attack during his speech, and police on site giving directions.
and I haven't even mentioned the National Guard
Anyway, I bring all that up generally just to hammer in how well planned the assault actually was, but also to highlight how much compartmentalization we are seeing in the rest of it, as well.
It was as well planned and frankly as well carried out as any coup in modern history by my reckoning. Only reason it failed is that the objective was impossible to achieve as planned.
Trump was delusional, clearly counting on magical thinking, a groundswell of nationwide violence as the videos hit the news that never came - I think they genuinely expected to seize a few State capitals as well, and if that'd happened, things definitely would have been different
His followers were neither inclined, nor in a position, to check his delusions. So they carried out a flatly impossible plan to it's shocking, unprecedented, and bloody conclusion fully convinced at every step that not only would they succeed but that their success was inevitable
You can really feel it in the videos. When the violence and celebration is over and the crowd is expecting to step outside of the Capitol building to brave new worlds but instead its just the one they left, with police holding the doors open as they shuffle out in orderly fashion
It's the precise moment that they realize they "won," but there was nothing to gain from it. So what if they killed Congress - they have seconds. So what if they got the ballots - there are copies. So what if they held the Capital - it's just a building

Reality reasserted itself
To win a nation, you have to win *the people*

And Trump never had the people
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