‘almost 1/2 of Ireland's cases since beginning of pandemic reported in last 2 weeks’
*it doesn’t spread like flu, avg contacts only 5
*it spreads by clusters, it’s environmental
*NPHET have flu epi model, not clusters
*HSE have flu rules & advice, not environmental control
‘208 deaths, 23 linked to hospital outbreaks & 38 to nursing home outbreaks’
*30% deaths were in ~outbreak~ in medical care
*outbreaks (clusters) can be mitigated with basic environmental precautions
*HIQA advice for environmental precautions has not been adopted by HSE
‘more cases linked to long-term residential settings in the last 2 weeks than at any point during weeks of Oct/Nov surge...more expected’
*nursing home outbreaks are seen as inevitable
*no prevention plan

[10 wks ago I gave environmental advice for prevention, no engagement]
‘avg close contacts is 1.3 in households & 1 outside’
*contacts outside households are low, R< 1 suppresses a pandemic
*current spread is ~within households~
*household spread is seen as inevitable with no health advice to stop it, even for tens of thousands self-isolating
‘expect new variants... they can stick longer & better to surfaces’
*variants are major risk, & risk increase in cases & vaccines effectiveness
*’sticking to surfaces’ is unscientific nonsense
*10 mths of intl scientific research is being ignored in HSE health advice
‘expect hospital numbers peaking at between 2,000 & 2,400’
*control was lost, with very serious impact on health services, education, people & economy
*no reflection on what works & what doesn’t
*no policy changes
*no prevention plans
*no exit strategies
*no new thinking
*credit to @mariaflan @rtenews for original media report
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