The dictator must be rendered powerless.
“Extremist movements also aggressively recruit from law enforcement and military communities to develop their hard power, a tactic perfected by the Islamic State, whose close alliance with Baathist military officers enabled it to launch a military-style juggernaut in 2014.”- @AOL
“Counterterrorism experts say violent extremist movements arising out of unstable societies have recurring patterns—beginning with small groups forming connections with other like-minded groups through secret communications. This is a hallmark in genesis of terrorist orgs.”- @AOL
“As they develop a coherent narrative and unifying ideology, extremist movements and leaders increasingly come out of the shadows and communicate over open forums in an effort to recruit and radicalize a wider following.”- @AOL
“The participation of former military members in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was revealed in the past week..The U.S. Army is reportedly investigating 25 people who participated in the attempted putsch, some of whom may be active-duty military.”- @AOL
“‘We witnessed last week a surgical strike at the heart of our empower a movement that will lead to the melting of the foundation of our republic..we need a united approach to recognize the threat, enforcement to dismantle these networks.’”- @Ali_H_Soufan
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