Dear Greta Gerwig,

Please resist the temptation to recast the riots as a coming-of-age love story where Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan play congressional interns from different sides of the aisle swept up in the chaos.

Sincerely, @TonyBravoSF 
Dear Aaron Sorkin,

I know you could do a bunch of great walk-and-talk sequences as Republicans and Democrats run, screaming from the invaders at the Capitol. But please don’t. I can’t handle your truth.

Sincerely, @TonyBravoSF 
Dear Michael Bay and James Cameron,

I can just imagine how many explosions, helicopter chases, weird CGI effects and tense countdowns you’d add to the insurrection. Hands off.

Sincerely, @TonyBravoSF 
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